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An Artistic Synergy!
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Organic Aromatherapy
Terrapin Station Soundstage
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Terrapin Station Page
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- Formulations - Terrapin Highlights 1
- Medicinal Clays (Pelotherapy)
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Main Street Shop in Nevis MN
Slow-distilled for maximum depth & complexity.
A synergy of sound, color and aroma!
"In-totum" - nothing added, nothing taken away.
Featuring a non-alcoholic listening room.
Family owned and operated.
Imani Product List and Ordering Information
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Light the Song with Sense & Color
In 1993 I coined the term of Aromatic Omnivision, "A harmonic synergy of sound, light and aroma capable of leading the mind through archetypal states of consciousness by tuning brainwave frequecies."

From Aromatic Omnivision to Imani Essential Oils to Terrapin Station this is an organic and heartfelt adventure.

-Brian Skinness, Founder

Joint Adventure, PO Box 125, Nevis MN 56467
brian @ terrapinfamily.com